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    What is this App Even For?

    Know the current and forecasted conditions of every dive site before even entering the water! Get it now!

    This app is dedicated to bringing the dive community consistent and accurate ocean visibility reports and forecasts. Our goal is to provide the most accurate representation of what a dive site would be like, before having to enter the water, therefore ensuring that the millions of Scuba divers, freedivers and snorkelers know when to plan their dives for the most enjoyable experience and highest safety.


    Our Google Maps generated dive map shows all of the dive sites near you. Want to plan for the future, search any location and all of the known dive sites will generate. Save sites to your favorites and rank any site to easily check current and future conditions.


    Our highly accurate algorithm, live sensor feed and crowd sourced reports keep you the most up to date on whats happening underwater. Once you've chosen your dive site, easily view the #DiveVizReport which includes visibility, swell, water temp, tides and wind. Want to get even more accurate, then check out the user dive reports for the most recent update on other diver's experiences at each site. Leave your own report after each dive to help us keep others up to date as well. Premium features allow you to see a full week in advance as to what conditions will look like, based on our perfected algorithm, for every dive site.