The Current

Just Get Wet has been committed to building a thriving community of freedivers in San Diego since June 2018. We believe that having a group of like minded, educated, safety conscious freedivers to train with will foster the most growth in all of us as individuals, as well as in the sport. The Molchanovs education system aligns with our vision perfectly, and has built a foundation that will accelerate all of our progress in ways we couldn't have possibly come up with on our own.
A guide to viewing and diving with the seals and sea lions in La Jolla, San Diego. We've got the details on where to find them, how to respectfully share their space, and telling the difference between the two species.
The basics of how to predict visibility. Know when the water will be clear and when it will be murky, when to dive and when it's better off to stay on land. We will go over how swells, wind, currents, tides, and algae blooms affect visibility