San Diego Daily Dive Reports

Visibility: 5-15 feet

Surf: 3-5 feet

Water temp: 61-65 F

Algae bloom leftovers are still in place leaving the water fairly murky. There are some good spots...the further out to sea and the deeper you get, but most are in the 5-10' viz range. Wind and swell are on it early tomorrow as well

Visibility: 10-20 feet

Surf: 1-2 feet

Water temp: 66-68 F

South winds have been kicking up some surface chop overnight, though areas like the cove and the shores will be pretty protected from this. Good reports have been coming in and we expect more of those today! Get out there and get wet...and tag us @DiveViz on Instagram so we can share updated conditions with other divers!

Visibility: 15-25 feet

Surf: 2-3 feet

Water temp: 66-68 F

SURPRISE! Water cleared up really quickly! La Jolla Shores was seeing 15' in the shallows and close to 30' viz out in the canyon, also got reports of 15-20' viz in the kelp off of La Jolla. Great day to get out there for sure!

Visibility: 10-20 feet

Surf: 1-3 feet

Water temp: 72-76 F

Water is warm and clear! Reports of 15' viz in the Marine room, closer to 20 in the canyon and wreck alley. Did some night time freediving in the canyon and that's what we saw as well...including a ton of bioluminescence! So cool...get out there!